"Champions Choice"

Cleaning and oiling your filter:  

  • Remove filter from engine. Gently tap filer or us a soft bristled brush to remove any loose debris.

  • Inspect filter for damage or wear.

  • Spray a liberal amount of cleaner solution on the filter and let it sit for 8 to 10 minutes to allow the cleaner to work on the grime.

  • Rinse filter gently with water. DO NOT use high pressure nozzles or a pressure washer. Normal water pressure from a sink or hose is all that is needed. Rinse filter until you no longer see soap residue rinsing from the filter.

  • Place the filter in the sun or someplace dry. You need to allow enough time for the filter to dry completely. NEVER use compressed air to dry filters.

  • Once the filter is dry, apply the filter oil. This is done by applying a bead of oil around the circumference of the filter about 1/4 way down from each edge. (see image below)

  • Let the filter sit for approx. 1 hour and the oil should have wicked through the filter to cover the un-oiled areas. If there are areas where the oil didn't cover well, put a few drops in that area to complete oiling.

  • Your filter is now ready to re-install on the engine.

Available Materials:

Cleaning Kit