"Champions Choice"

14" x 4" Round air filter ( 3-5 washes, re-useable)


Part Numbers: 3001040-3 / 3001040-4 / 3001040-5

3 top reasons to choose this air filter over the others:

1.    Designed with “Performance” as the first priority, “Seal” being the second,  “Longevity” being the third.

The air filter media chosen for this job is 99.8 percent efficient ( keeping all the dirt out). Outperforming all others in air flow tests (meaning HP). The media can be blown off after each night to help extend the life of the element. The filtration media is strong enough to withstand what forces may be encountered during the race. The inner and outer cage make it virtually indestructible. This is not your cheap “throw away”. This is purposely built to handle many nights of racing. No oil required. Many champions have trusted “Walker Performance Filtration” for years. You can too.

Available in 3”, 4” , and 5” heights.