"Champions Choice"
  • 14" x 4", 5" or 6" Tall, Dry Media Filter (3000204-4/5/6DM)


    High flow Dry media for off-road / desert racing / Lambda sensors.


    p/n : 3000204-4DM (15"o.d.x 4.00" Tall)

    p/n : 3000204-5DM (15"o.d.x 5.00" Tall)

    p/n : 3000204-6DM (15"o.d.x 6.00" Tall)

    This is 5 layer designed "Depth Loading Technology". Co-pleated between screen mesh. Has inner support wire to keep from imploding under heavy dust loading. This media is designed to hold dirt while performing at the highest levels. Media is Semi-washable (3-5 washes) using Walker cleaning kit part number : 3001094