"Champions Choice"
  • Carbon Fiber Off-Road Air Box


    Walker Performance Filtration presents the all new Carbon Fiber Off-Road Air Box complete kit.  This kit includes the carbon fiber top with 4" filter,  carbon fiber base plate, 6 clips, machined aluminum mounting rings 5" ID, and a center stud.

    The filter is 4" tall and utilizes Walker Performance Filtration's  proprietary multi-layer dry media. 

    The outer dimensions of the air box are 14" x 19"

    The filter and lid are clamped to the base plate with 6 clips. 

    The carbon fiber base plate is designed to be cut by the customer to best fit your specific intake configuration.   This means the air box can be offset if needed for clearance in the engine bay.  

    The aluminum mounting rings are machined to fit a 5" diameter carburetor or throttle body and have an O-ring to form an air tight seal between the air box and your intake.  

    Optional accessories include: 1/2" thick foam pre-filter or white outerwear to ensure maximum filter life in the silt or sand.