"Champions Choice"
  • Universal Fit, High Efficiency Dry Media Filters


    These filters use our high efficiency dry media which has been proven to be the best option in sand, silt and find dust.  These filters are perfect for use in the desert and on the sand dunes where fine silt and sand will quickly clog up an old fashioned red oiled filter.

    The sizes and shapes have been customized to suit the needs of jeep enthusiasts and off-roaders who have an aftermarket cold air intake kit.  These filters have been engineered to be durable in the harshest environments.  They have a hexagonal metal outer cage which has been powder coated gloss black. 

    These filters utilize our proprietary multi-layered synthetic dry media which is washable and reusable up to 5 times.  

    Foam Pre-Filters are available for all sizes.  The foam pre-filter slides over the outside of the filter and helps trap particles of dirt before they reach the filter. The pre-filter also protects the filter from any debris without adding any restriction to the air flow.  The foam pre-filter can dramatically increase the life of the filter in extreme conditions.

    Multiple options are available to fit 6", 5.5" and 4.5" intake tubes.

    3001131 - 6" ID flange, 8.5" overall height, 7.5" outer diameter.

    3001132 - 6" ID flange, 8.0" overall height, 7.5" outer diameter.

    3001133 - 5.5" ID flange, 8"overall height, 7.5" outer diameter.

    3001134 - 4.5" ID flange, 10.0" overall height, 7.0" outer diameter.